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"As an independent consulting firm focused on website branding and design, we apply business analytics such as market research and analysis, key performance indicators, and compass points in branding and designing websites for our clients."

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Business Consulting

We don't just create a website; we meticulously carve a business platform that is completely unique to you, appeals to your target audience, and becomes the foundation for your business growth and success.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the ability for a business to take all its capabilities (compass points, market research, KPIs, consumer preferences), and convert them into actionable knowledge. This produces large amounts of information that can lead to the development of new target market opportunities. Identifying these opportunities, and implementing an effective strategy, can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability within your industry market. Business Analytics provide historical, current and predictive views to leverage your company's edge.

Market Research and Analysis

How many times have you heard that it is all about...location, location, location...for business success? Well that still holds true for some businesses; however, in today's digital economy it's all about...data, data, data...and understanding your market demographics and segmentation. We deploy Geospatial Information System (GIS) technologies to produce geo-demographic market research and analysis for business branding and business consulting to determine the most effective message platforms and business analytics for your target market.


GeoDemographics is probably not a term that you use every day or that echoes throughout your business - but it should be. GeoDemographics is the process of analyzing data of a specific geographical area to identify economic and demographic characteristics of populations living in various community locations; thus, segmenting that location (city, district, neighborhood, etc.) by their socioeconomic profile (gender, age, education, average household income) and more. By utilizing GIS we can produce target marketing profiles for your web branding and website design which focus on Search Engine Marketing strategies that appeal to different segments or more specifically - segmentation categories - which are identified as lifestyle segmentation.

Lifestyle Segmentation

Lifestyles of today's consumers, and there are many different lifestyle segmentations that exist in every community provides a breakdown of the market size, key traits, and digital media behaviors of today's households. When consulting with our client's, we explain lifestyle segmentation and how they are integrated with Compass Points in branding and designing their website, and how this affects their target marketing strategy. Learn More About Target Marketing

Key Performance Indicators-KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable metrics that reflect the critical success factors of your business. They will differ depending on the type of business they are being applied to, and the scope of the metrics required to identify a specific business objective. Every business has KPIs, yet most businesses do not apply their KPIs to their web branding or website design which leads to poor website performance. Obviously that is not what you want, you want your website producing every possible advantage to make you and your business successful market leaders. We fully understand how to incorporate your KPIs into your web branding and website design. If you would like to know more about KPIs and how we incorporate them into the branding and website design build, just talk with us.

When we set up a website, we do it with a goal in mind - whether it is to make sales, get leads, or just connect more customers with your brand. We know that your website needs to be based on all of these key factors, and is working for you in reaching your business goals.