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"Understanding the Zero Moment of Truth in today's online business economy is critical, no matter what industry you are in...and your website strategy must match your business strategy!"

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zero moment of truth

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The Zero Moment of Truth — ZMOT — is about marketing you, your business, and your product in today's 2.0 digital economy. And if your website presence — your branding, design, and marketing — are not optimized to win at The Zero Moment of Truth...you lose!

Today's digital technology provides consumers with the power to be smarter and more informed than ever before. Product information and choice has never been more accessible and accessed then it is right now. This gives consumers an undeniable advantage in the marketplace. No longer do consumers have to wait for print media or television to inform them of their choices for goods or services; with a few simple keystrokes or screen taps, consumers can find a wealth of information about multiple products or services they are interested in and that will be beneficial to them. And in due course, Google has defined this process of online engagement as the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

In order to win at the Zero Moment of Truth, business professionals must synergize their branding, marketing, and website messaging with their consumer profiles. Essentially, businesses must focus on optimizing their website and website language for the information their customers are looking for. And, it is vitally important to track and trend as much of your website analytics data as possible to ensure you understand how your website visitors are using your website properties and digital assets.

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We offer a ZMOT Score, which provides:
  • A baseline of your brand's ZMOT health
  • Solutions geared towards improving your ZMOT score and increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) from your digital assets
  • And, much more!