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"Every website has a unique profile and set of needs, so every recommendation we make is highly customized, specific to our client's Compass Points and Business Analytics."

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Website Design and Marketing

There is a lot of noise on the Internet. Everyone vying for a place to be seen and heard, all wanting to be successful with whatever venture they are engaged with; whether personal or professional branding or website e-commerce, everyone on the Internet wants to be noticed and drive traffic to their site — after all, that's what the Internet is all about...!

Businesses are challenged by how to reach and influence today's dramatically evolving and digitally engaged American consumer. Over the past five years, household composition, economic status and technology usage have morphed due to the recession, unemployment, a housing market crash and a digital revolution. The combination of these forces has changed how Americans live, behave, communicate and interact on every level.

Many consumers have altered their lifestyles to accommodate their current socioeconomic situations. It's not new that during economic changes there is an impact in household formation. As the dynamics of American households transform, it is critical for businesses to recognize changes in their customer landscape and understand the emerging consumer values driving behavior so that they can communicate with greater relevancy and impact — especially using the Internet and multiple digital marketing platforms.

Understanding consumers in this evolving digital environment is a crucial business task. Prioritizing and targeting the best customers for the greatest return on marketing investment requires an updated and accurate customer segmentation strategy. Additionally, unifying marketing frameworks across traditional and digital media platforms with defined customer segments enables maximum customer engagement, profitable acquisition, increased customer loyalty, retention and lifelong brand value.

We are exceptionally experienced market research analysts, and creative web designers, developers and content writers with professional degrees and technology backgrounds to get you through all the noise out there in today's 2.0 economy and increase the exposure of your business and maximize its true earning and traffic power.

At Context, we provide target market research profiles and offer both personal and professional branding and business websites built on design platforms that targets your market audience. We help you promote your business online with quality custom websites by working with you to create a design that is suitable for you and your business needs, and targets your intended audience — which is what a website is supposed to do — target your customers.

Consumer Profiles and Target Marketing

Lifestyles of American Consumers

The new generation of consumer households is reachable, but you have to know who they are, what they do, where they live and more.

There are 19 Segments and 71 Sub-segments of consumer lifestyle segments, each with their own distinct demographic and socioeconomic profile. We use the lifestyle segments to identify our client's consumers to get an in-depth analysis as to who they should be marketing to and why.

We advance our client's ability to profile their consumers through demographics and predictive buying behaviors. We analyze our client's consumers in terms of their socio-demographics, lifestyles, behaviors and culture to provide our clients with the buying behaviors of their customers and prospects, as well as, market potential within our client's regional area.

While we integrate many elements of the lifestyle segmentation data into the website branding and design process, the Market Analysis Profile lifestyle segmentation data we provide is a stand-alone package and can be purchased separately.

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1. Power Elite 11. Significant Singles
2. Flourishing Families 12. Blue Sky Boomers
3. Booming with Confidence 13. Families in Motion
4. Suburban Style 14. Pastoral Pride
5. Thriving Boomers 15. Singles and Starters
6. Promising Families 16. Cultural Connections
7. Young City Solos 17. Golden Year Guardians
8. Middle-class Melting Pot 18. Aspirational Fusion
9. Family Union 19. Struggling Societies
10. Autumn Years