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"The strongest and most successful brands maintain message consistency across all media platforms, and your message must do the same to successfully market your brand."

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Compass Points, Lifestyle Segments, & Web Branding

Compass Points...

What drives you as a professional and what drives your business?

One answer is the core emotional and psychological perspectives that drive us as humans. We identify these core elements as Compass Points. Compass Points are fundamental to everything we do in life; whether business professional or consumer, Compass Points influence the choices and decisions we make.

We work with our clients to discover the Compass Points of their business and their consumers. As a business professional, these core elements drive your business in how you and your business are perceived.

Understanding our client's Compass Points are vital in building a personal and business brand identity into the websites we design and develop.

Consumer Lifestyle Segments...

Lifestyles of today's consumers, and there are many different lifestyle segmentations that exist in every community provides a breakdown of the market size, key traits, and digital media behaviors of today's households.

When consulting with our client's, we explain lifestyle segmentation and how they are integrated with Compass Points in branding and designing their website, and how this affects their target marketing strategy.   Learn More About Target Marketing

Web Branding...

    It is more important than ever to have a digital branding identity which represents you and your business in this 2.0 economy; a brand identity that has a strategic campaign in place to ensure that your web presence is built upon solid Compass Points and Mosaics which captures the attention of consumers and contributes to your position as a business professional and market leader.

    We understand that you need to have an exceptional public face and brand identity to stand out in your market and make your customer-clients take notice, and it should go without saying that building a web brand is far more complex than just a one-size fits all website "template" with no branding or marketing support attached. A number of key factors must be carefully integrated and executed to create a valued brand and website design that makes you stand out and serves your customers.

    Below are just a few, but we would like to sit down with you to thoroughly discuss all the dynamics of developing a brand quality website and internet presence:

    • Successful branding delivers on both customer expectations and also differentiates your business from the competition. Branding is about trust...and building a strong impression that you and your business provide services or product benefit that has value for your customer at a reasonable price.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e-mail, & social media branding and marketing strategies must be heavily linked to the Compass Points of both the business and consumer. Website design and development must mimic the "natural key word" searches by customers that are potentially going to bring you in the most targeted traffic. These are the keywords that need to be used in order to create the general file structure of your website and market your domain's content.

    • Content Marketing (CM) is the most effective way to brand you and your business. Your website content must provide value and drive your web visitor to action. This means writing high quality content that means something to your web visitor and drives them to act on that meaning. You can't just popup a website, throw up mediocre content, add a few keywords, and expect to be noticed or successful with your website branding or your business in this noisy digital economy.

    • Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is fundamentally about getting closer to the customer. To do this, you need to understand them. What are they looking for? When? What information do they have already? What's their state of mind? Whether a large or small business, your business branding, website design, and marketing strategies must be tied to the Zero Moment of Truth.

    Branding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing (CM), and Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) are only a small portion of the ingredients required to designing quality websites for our clients; there are many additional factors which contribute to the design process - such as market research, key performance indicators, and business analytics that we apply to branding and website design. So we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we meticulously design a website platform that is completely unique to you, appeals to your target audience, and becomes the foundation for your business growth and success.
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